Cap Sante International has extensive
experience in full-spectrum LSA (Lifesaving
Appliance) services and Offshore Safety Surveys.

The offshore lifeboat and davit systems are
subject to extreme conditions and require
critical and planned maintenance service to
effectively maintain an operational and 100%
dependable Lifesaving System. This is a
necessary crucial step in keeping LSA systems
operational and up to U.S. Coast Guard and
prevailing administration standards. We offer
our clients tailor-made monthly, quarterly,
semiannual and annual inspections by seasoned
CSI technicians trained to spot issues before
they become operational problems.

Services include but are not limited to:

Cap Sante International has set up service support
stations across the United States and Canada as well as
service agreements in Europe and Australia to further
support our Offshore clients. CSI is committed to our
clients—whenever and wherever they may need our
services, Cap Sante International will be there.

Offshore clients demand of us, and receive, expert
emergency repair service teams that are class-approved,
as well as manufacturer-trained and authorized to handle
any lifeboat and davit repair need. Cap Sante International
is also heavily involved in lifeboat and davit system parts
supply, covering most marine diesel engine and marine
gear; and hydraulic, mechanical and electrical systems
repair for all systems serviced.

CSI has the experience to provide Offshore clients with
SOLAS repair services, quickly and at a competitive cost. 
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Offshore Services